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The Role of Kisspeptin on the Onset of Puberty and on the Ovulatory Mechanism: A Minireview [Journal of Pediatric and Adolescent Gynecology, 28(5), 286–291]

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By: Cortés, M. E., Carrera, B., Rioseco, H., del Río, J. P., & Vigil, P. (2015).



The onset of puberty has been a fascinating topic for reproductive endocrinologists for decades; however, its underlying physiological mechanisms have remained elusive until recently. The discovery and understanding of the effects exerted by the peptide hormone kisspeptin have shed light on this research area. This review is aimed to discuss the functions of kisspeptin, with special focus on its role in the onset of puberty and in the ovulatory mechanism. The points under discussion are (1) the characteristics of kisspeptin and its receptor, (2) the relevance of this hormone and its interaction with leptin in the onset of puberty, (3) the role of kisspeptin in the ovulatory mechanism based on its differential expression at hypothalamic nuclei, which is modulated by sex steroid hormones, and (4) the clinical relevance of kisspeptin and its antagonists in new therapeutic strategies for the treatment of various reproductive pathologies. All of this explains the revolution that kisspeptin has caused among researchers working in the field of gynecological endocrinology and reproductive biology.


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