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The provider on the other side of the screen: Q&A with FEMM telehealth provider Maureen McCarthy, CNP

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FEMM Telehealth Provider Q&A with Maureen McCarthy, CNP

Maureen McCarthy has spent 25 years working in the public health sphere, primary care, and endocrinology. We sat down with her for a short conversation about how she came to work with FEMM. 


What first drew you to your field?

MM: I became more interested in the effects of endocrinology because my daughter began to experience autoimmune problems with the onset of puberty. Unfortunately, it was difficult getting the answers and necessary treatments to address her issues, while knowing that in the future she might experience issues with infertility and early cardiovascular complications.

During my NP studies, I did extensive research on PCOS in adolescents with findings that dealt with a combination of endocrine and gynecological challenges. After graduating I was blessed to be able to work with an endocrinologist and have the opportunity to study diabetes and metabolism more closely.


Why did you become a FEMM medical provider?

MM: Even though I thought I would work in endocrinology, I was troubled by the problems women were struggling with regarding their reproductive health. At that point, a friend suggested I attend FEMM’s 3-day conference in New York in 2019. I was hooked! FEMM was addressing many common female reproductive issues with evidence-based, endocrinological and gynecological scientific studies while achieving positive, manageable results. 

FEMM and the Reproductive Health Research Institute had opportunities for further education and research, which I took part in yearly to present. In 2021, I began a medical fellowship at RHM (Reproductive Health Medicine & Gynecology) in Atlanta, Georgia and spent sixteen months combining the studies of gynecology and endocrinology in women’s reproductive health. After returning to California, I joined FEMM’s Telehealth platform as a provider.

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What do you appreciate most about FEMM?

MM: My experience with FEMM has been very rewarding for me. I really appreciate the work they do addressing current scientific research in order to improve male and female health. There have been countless times when I’ve heard from my patients that they finally are getting the answers they seek and treatments are proving efficacious. It seems like we are on a journey together, seeking the root cause of all their health issues. A win-win situation!

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FEMM Staff Writer, February 2024

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