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Meet Dr. Summer Holmes, Hormone Specialist and OBGYN

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The Right Hormone Specialist for You

If you’re looking for a great hormone specialist and OBGYN, look no further than FEMM-trained medical providers, like Dr. Summer Holmes. Here’s her story.

I came to FEMM with the goal of offering more options to the women I serve. I had robust training in Obstetrics, Gynecology and Family Planning, but I knew there was something more that I could offer.

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I wanted to find a person-centered training that focused on the individual, training that would help me to restore women to optimal hormonal health. That is exactly what I found in FEMM.

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“Because of FEMM, my patients benefit from an earlier, faster, and more accurate diagnosis.”

The Best OBGYNs Understand Hormonal Health

FEMM offers a new and powerful diagnostic approach to women’s health–it integrates reproductive  endocrinology and physiology while empowering women to monitor their personal hormonal health. FEMM is unique in that it is applicable to women in various stages of life and through its protocols, promotes health in a holistic way.

Hormonal health is not simply about moods or periods. It’s about the fine biochemical communications that ultimately affect every organ in the body. How do we harness that knowledge to promote lasting beneficial health effects? FEMM!

The science of hormonal health.

Holistic Hormone Health Means Always Learning

I have continued to attend the FEMM medical training each year for the past three years. The medical training is evidence-based and cutting edge. This year, I presented cases and shared my ideas with other physicians.

Natural Womanhood highlights Dr. Holmes and her work.

Because of FEMM, my patients benefit from an earlier, faster, and more accurate diagnosis. The preventive focus allows for early treatment and modification of disease risk factors. FEMM has made a huge difference in my practice and in the lives of my patients.

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Summer T. Holmes Mason, MD

MD, FACOG, Obstetrics and Gynecology

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