Apps and info to track your health and fertility
FEMM allows women to understand and monitor their hormonal health, which is essential to long-term health and fertility. Start using the app today to track your health and get the support you need to understand your body.
The FEMM app allows women to customize the health information they wish to track, and provides personalized feedback on homonal health and fertility. Get the App.
Get information to understand women's health and bodies, research updates, and other information to help make informed choices about your health care. Learn more.
FEMM health centers provide comprehensive women's healthcare and education programs. See services and centers.
FEMM offers courses for medical and non-medical individuals who want to be FEMM teachers. See course listings and applications.
FEMM is an education and preventative approach to healthcare for women. Women learn to identify their hormonal biomarkers as signs of health or early indicators of abnormalities and disease. By understanding this information, women are better able to make healthcare choices and cooperate with medical providers to improve health outcomes.