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Grade 8

Core Lesson Plan

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Lesson 1

Advanced Body Systems

Students will learn about the eleven body systems and their function in the body, recognizing that the reproductive system has a major impact on overall health.

Lesson 2

Reproductive Anatomy

To teach the anatomy of the female reproductive system in detail. To introduce the anatomy of the male reproductive system.

Lesson 3

Ovulation & Hormones

To teach students about the four main female reproductive hormones (FSH, estrogen, LH, and progesterone) and their role in overall health.

Lesson 4

Ovulation Cycle + Menstruation

To develop students’ knowledge that ovulation is a regularly repeating process with a purpose: to support the health of the whole body. To reiterate the importance of the hormones FSH, Estrogen, LH, and Progesterone to the entire cycle and overall health.

Lesson 5


To help students deepen their awareness of the brain and hormone connection and confidently identify hormonal biomarkers in a cycle chart.

Lesson 6

Healthy Hormones & Habits

To continue to teach students how to chart, with a focus on vital signs of reproductive health. To teach students about the impact of nutrition, exercise, and sleep on hormones and health.

Lesson 7

Healthy Hormones

To continue to support students in charting their health. To emphasize the important impact of adequate nutrition, sleep, and exercise on health.

Lesson 8

Self & Healthy Relationships

To further explore the connection between hormones and emotions. To recognize the importance of maintaining a positive body image and healthy relationships.

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