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Grade 9

Core Lesson Plan

Grade 9 begins with a discussion of human dignity, the singularity of human beings, and the hierarchy of being, which lays the foundation for the course. Students learn the difference between treating people as subjects rather than objects, and have the opportunity to critically analyze historical examples of the objectification of persons in violation of human dignity. Grade 9 specifically focuses on heroes in the fight against slavery and racism. At a pivotal moment in their intellectual formation, the first year of high school, students learn about the power to think and choose, from heroic figures such as Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr, and Mahatma Gandhi. Other key lessons on Freedom for Excellence, Art and Creativity, Friendship and Solidarity, encourage students to reflect on their unique capacity to contribute to the world. The grade culminates in a personal mission statement as students are inspired to practice personal habits of courage and self-determination.

Lesson 1

Hierarchy of Being and Human Dignity

The purpose of this lesson is to understand the special place human persons have in the world.

Lesson 2

Subjects vs. Objects

The purpose of this lesson is to accurately recognize when their human dignity and that of others is respected and when it is not respected, both on an individual and a social level.


Power to Think about Speech

The purpose of this lesson is to always strive to acquire truth in speech and to acquire excellent thinking habits. 


Power to Choose:
Freedom for Excellence

The purpose of this lesson is to motivate students to live freedom for excellence in their lives. 

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Lesson 5

The Power of Creativity

The purpose of this lesson is to help students appreciate art and creativity for their power of communicating the transcendent dimensions of reality. 

Lesson 6

Friendship and Solidarity

The purpose of this lesson is to motivate students to pursue friendship of excellence in their daily lives.

Lesson 7

Habits of Excellence:

The purpose of this lesson is to help students understand and practice habits of excellence, and especially the habit of self-determination in their daily lives.

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Lesson 8


The purpose of this lesson is to motivate students to embody heroism in their daily lives. 

Lesson 9

The Mission

The purpose of this lesson is to help students to pursue a mission of excellence and to respect human dignity in their lives. 

Lesson 10

Final Quiz

The purpose of this lesson is to review the content of the whole curriculum with students and evaluate their learning.

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