Raghda Basyouny
Raghda Basyouny

Raghda Basyouny

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Languages: Other

I’m a medical graduate, holding an MSc in global health sciences at the University of Oxford, childbirth educator, IBCLC (Lactation Consultant), FEMM and teenFEMM teacher, and Billings Method teacher in training.

I have loved health coaching and preventive medicine since 2006, and the journey keeps unfolding gradually. I am lucky that I have studied different aspects of women’s health: preconception, pregnancy and birth, lactation, and menstrual cycle and fertility awareness. This helps me to view how all of these aspects are tied together and influence each other.

What motivates me in my study and work is my wish for a woman to be aware of her body and has a safe relationship with it, which necessarily will reflect positively on all stages of her life, it will also help her find her own definition of wellness then consciously choose what suits her unique physical and psychological needs and context.

I believe in how the body and mind are very connected, so I try to have trauma-informed practice, and appreciate the functional medicine approach to women’s health.

Here’s my LinkedIn (www.linkedin.com/in/raghdabasyouny)

N.B. I respect everyone. Please accept my preference of working with cisgender heterosexual women, sexually active within marriage, single or married.

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