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Lindsay Sarah

Lindsay Sarah

Language: English
New York
United States
Languages: English

My period pain called me home to my body, and I knew it was time to tune in. The fertility awareness method thus became my foundation for deep listening, and the cornerstone of the wildest and most beautiful healing journey I’ve ever been on. I learned to embody all the phases of my menstrual cycle by attuning to the ancient wisdom of the moon and the earth and founded Flow With Your Flow to help you re-ignite your relationship with your womb so that you can step into the power you hold to heal yourself. I have my Masters in Social Work and am also a vaginal steam facilitator and trauma-informed yoga teacher with a focus on menstrual and fertility yoga. I invite you to connect with me further at @flowwithyourflow on instagram or to learn more about my virtual 1:1 mentorships and group courses.

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