Leslie Ojeda M. Ed.
Leslie Ojeda M. Ed.

Leslie Ojeda M. Ed.

Language: English
, Florida
United States
Languages: English

After years of trying various methods of hormonal contraceptives, I stumbled upon fertility awareness. I was so excited to finally find a method of preventing pregnancy that was natural and free of any artificial hormones. I must admit, I was upset I hadn’t found out about this sooner! I decided to use my experience as an educator and make this information more readily available to those who are seeking it. The journey of healing and finally embracing my body’s natural rhythm was so enlightening and freeing. Whether your goal is to avoid pregnancy, achieve pregnancy, or just get more in tune with your cycles, I’ve got you covered! Contact me at metafertility@gmail.com or visit me at metafertility.com or find me on instagram @MetaFertility

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