Kathryn Reifenberger

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katreifenberger@gmail.com Woodbury, MN, USA

Kathryn Reifenberger is a FEMM Teacher and client services manager with Woodbury Options for Women.

Woodbury Options for Women is a nonprofit life-affirming organization that promotes healthy relationships, informed choices and offers free services to anyone experiencing an unexpected pregnancy.  FREE services include:  Pregnancy and Limited STI Testing, Limited Obstetrical Ultrasounds, Material Assistance, Free Crib Programs for families with infants, Education and Youth Outreach Programs, and Reproductive Health Education (FEMM and Real Essentials). Serving Woodbury and surrounding St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN, communities.


Woodbury Options for Women

1000 Radio Drive, Suite 100

Woodbury, MN 55125

phone: (651) 340-9062     fax:  (651) 414-0450

Courses Taught

FEMM and Your Health

Learn how hormones influence health and to chart your hormonal activity.

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FEMM Expert

Learn to identify healthy patterns or health problems.

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FEMM Family Planning

Learn to manage your fertility.

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FEMM Introduction

Learn how FEMM can help you achieve your health and fertility goals.

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