Delphi Marie
Delphi Marie

Delphi Marie

Language: English
Black Mountain,
United States
Languages: English

Delphi is a Women’s Wellness Coach & Therapist, devoted mother, folk herbalist and founder of Rosehips & Ritual, a women-centered resource that weaves ritual and ceremony into womb healing, transformation, education and empowerment. Her work brings the magic and reverence back to the many rites-of-passage that we undergo as women throughout our fertile years.
She spends her days enjoying her homegrown, off-grid Appalachian life, circling with her sisters, mothering her four children, lovingly preparing nourishing foods and wild-harvested medicines, reading, participating in earth-based ceremonies, sewing cloth menstrual pads, singing in the dawn, playing her drum to the waters, and delighting in exploring the wisdom of her own womb and sacred cycles.

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