Ashley Baronette
Ashley Baronette

Ashley Baronette

Eastern Passage,
Nova Scotia

Welcome! I’m a certified Fertility Awareness Educator (FEMM).

I discovered fertility awareness through my personal struggles coming off of hormonal contraceptives. I was truly blown away by the magnitude of information that I was not provided in health classes and sex-education classes in school. Which is why I decided to pursue formal fertility awareness training. I strongly believe in educating menstruators of all ages about body literacy so that they can feel empowered in their own health and fertility. Fertility awareness is such invaluable knowledge.

I specialize in teaching menstruators to use fertility awareness as natural, pregnancy prevention. Though I am also passionate in using body literacy to achieve healthier, easier menstrual cycles, free of PMS.

Join me @educatedandempowereduterus on Instagram or email me at for more info on my offerings.

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