Anne Birrien
Anne Birrien

Anne Birrien


My name is Anne Birrien, a 35 years old french woman. I traveled for many years with a enormous curiosity to discovered ancestral cultures and medicines. 3 years ago, I choose to rooted myself in the heart of Argentina where I live a more holistic and sustainable life.

I am a FEMM fertility awareness and Menstrual health educator.

How can I help you?

My mission is to invite women to become active on their journey to menstrual health and fertility management in a way that encourages self-love and lower the impact on mother earth.

I will guide you with science based cycle knowledges, to learn about yourself and your own ciclicity, to connect with your menstruation, to become empowered and sovereign in your health care and fertility choices.

I am commited personally to FEMM method in my everyday life and do cultivate this experience in my practise teaching.

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