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Zahava Rose

Zahava is a Menstrual Cycle and Reproductive Health teacher from New York with an MA in Education. She founded The Rose School to weave together

Felicia Enoch

Felicia Enoch is a Registered Nurse, with over eight years of experience in the women’s health field. Her focus is the reproductive years and supporting

Sarah Schwaner

Hi – I’m Sarah! I am a certified FEMM and TeenFEMM instructor. I offer fertility education and hormonal health education for women looking to deepen

Sarah Fristoe

Sarah is a Registered Nurse and has worked in pediatrics in the hospital setting since 2017. She has always been interested in women’s health as

Mary Grace Germain

Mary Grace has a passion for making a woman’s fertility make sense to her. She’s constantly coming up with ways for clients to better understand

Sydney Morse

Sydney Morse is a Client Advocate at Pregnancy Aid Clinic in Atlanta, GA. She attended the University of Georgia and spent the first few years

Sally Branch

I have been a nurse for 30 plus years, and working the field of women’s health for more than 13. As things quickly and inevitably

Lydia Borja

If you are allowing website information, this is my platform for teaching: Also, I am certified with teenFEMM now as well so if that

Deadra Fischer

Deadra Fischer has been an RN for 27 years and currently works at Obria Medical Clinic in Gwinnett County, Lawrenceville, GA. She is passionate about


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