Region: Florida

Lauren Eidson

Certified Hormone Health Coach, Fertility Awareness Educator and creator of LiveOn Health Coaching LLC. I guide women through integrative nutrition and lifestyle practices to support

Crystal Lynn

Crystal Lynn is a certified 200 hour registered yoga teacher and has added on FEMM to her knowledge base as part of her healing journey.

Leslie Ojeda M. Ed.

After years of trying various methods of hormonal contraceptives, I stumbled upon fertility awareness. I was so excited to finally find a method of preventing

Maggie Slepicka

I am a wife, mother, singer, and body literacy advocate! I had two miscarriages and because of fertility awareness, I was able to identify issues

Claudia Toribio

Claudia Toribio is an educator from the Dominican Republic, who is more than passionate about cycle awareness. Her goal is to help women get the

Brittney Morales

Brittney Morales has done extensive pregnancy center counseling and is passionate about helping people to see their dignity and sexual integrity. Her top affinities are


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