Take charge of your health

New Features

Improved Data Entry


  • More efficient tracking of cervical mucus and bleeding on a single screen
  • Customization feature allows you to remove optional observations
  • Ability to easily add or remove physical and emotional symptoms

Personalized Daily Insights to Help You Achieve Your Goals


  • Your observations are neatly summarized in the Observations tab
  • The Hormones tab provides feedback on your hormones on a daily basis
  • The Cycle tab provides information on how your cycle affects your body
  • The Goals tab gives recommendations for achieving your health and fertility goals
  • The Tips tab provides relevant information about your body, FEMM and a healthy lifestyle

Improved Analysis Screen


  • Zoom feature allows you to zoom in and out for easier viewing
  • Summary feature provides easy viewing of your observations by tapping on the day
  • Better print and email options for charts

Get Help


  • Direct access to information about FEMM
  • Option to contact a FEMM Professional

New Customize Screen


  • Ability to control which observations you track and which feedback you receive
  • New reminder feature for BBT (basal body temperature) users
  • Ability to rate the app and share with friends

Push Notifications


  • New notification feature allows you to enter observations easily.
  • Receive reminders to track daily observations and BBT