Maureen Judson, NP

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Columbus, OH, USA

Maureen is from Cleveland, OH, and has worked in nursing for close to 30 years. She earned her BSN from the University of Akron, and has worked in hematology, acute care, and mother and infant care. She became interested in gynecology when she was trained as a sexual assault nurse examiner and obtained her Masters degree as a Nurse Practitioner. She is excited to be working for FEMM, and has found her passion in women’s health.

Maureen grew up in Cleveland, and moved to central Ohio in 1988. She lives in central Ohio with her husband, Bill and her beagle, Jake. She has two children, ages 26 and 21, and is a Brown’s, Indian’s, and Cavalier’s fan. She is addicted to Candy Crush and Spider Solitaire.

Why do you consider fertility awareness models for health important and effective?

Even as a nurse, we didn’t learn the detail of hormonal imbalances in nursing school. A woman’s menstrual cycle and biomarkers can reveal important facts about her body, which can be used to monitor health and fertility. With the way reproductive health is taught today, problems are covered up instead of looked at, discussed, or treated thoroughly. That’s why I like FEMM—it doesn’t leave anything out.

What’s one aspect of the FEMM model for family planning that surprised you the first time you can across it?

If it is used consistently and correctly, it is as effective as birth control, without the side effects.

If you had one chance to speak to a contemporary college student about her health, be it reproductive or general, what would you want her to know?

I would want her to know that reproductive health should be looked at with a lifestyle approach. Her reproductive health at any age affects her health throughout her entire life. Your health and decisions about your health at a young age affect your health at an older age, and I think that’s something a lot of college students don’t realize.

Looking at your health at different stages of life can be a challenge, but it helps us understand hormonal changes and symptoms on a continuum, from STI prevention to family planning to reproductive health.

Why did you pursue nursing? What do you love most about your job?

I have always been interested in science, medicine, and helping others. One thing kind of led into another, but it was that science-based and evidence-based practice to help people with their health and healing that drew me to nursing.

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