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Osteopathy Columbus, OH, USA

I’m from Columbus, Ohio, originally and returned to work here after med school; I’ve been a doctor for seven years. I am married and have two little boys. I wanted to practice medicine so I could help people live their lives by first returning to good health. I also work at Lower Lights Christian Health Center, which is a Federally Qualified Health Center. Half of our patients there do not have health insurance. I am honored and humbled to serve this population.

Fertility awareness models are the key to preventative medicine because they get to the heart of the problem. It’s interesting that contraceptives have been lumped into “preventative medicine.” What are they doing to prevent illness and promote health in the case of most young, healthy women who just want to prevent pregnancy? It seems from reading their side effect profiles that they are causing illness and degrading health. I was surprised to learn that most women stop using different forms of contraception because of side effects. What a great alternative to have a model that is free of side effects and is helpful in diagnosing a variety of health problems.

In a time when women are focused on making healthy choices in so many other areas of their lives (organic foods, exercise, healthy relationships, skin cancer prevention, environmental concerns, etc.), it only makes sense to apply that to their bodies and what they are putting in them from a family planning perspective.

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