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FEMM empowers women to achieve their health and reproductive goals. FEMM classes teach women how to monitor hormonal and other signs of health and fertility in their monthly cycles.

The 4 FEMM Education Classes are offered either online or in-person. (A combination of online and in-person learning is possible.) The Introductory class is free, and each following class costs $25.

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Please see the class listing below for more information on what is covered in each class.

FEMM Introduction

Learn how FEMM can help you achieve your health and fertility goals.

(30 min. session)

  • Learn how FEMM can help you to achieve your health and fertility goals.
  • FEMM health resources include our online app, network of certified FEMM teachers, and trained medical providers.

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FEMM and Your Health

Learn how hormones influence health and to chart your hormonal activity.

(1-hr. session)

  • Your body basics: Learn how hormones influence your health.
  • Understand how to observe & chart your hormonal activity.
  • Struggling with migraines, acne, weight gain, mood swings, pain or PMS? Discover how FEMM can help you understand your body and learn how hormones influence and cause these symptoms.

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FEMM Expert

Learn to identify healthy patterns or health problems.

(1-hr. session)

  • Is your cycle healthy? Learn to monitor your health.
  • Are your hormones out of balance? Learn how to know. Be equipped to identify your patterns and to know when to seek medical support and care.

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FEMM Family Planning

Learn to manage your fertility.

(1-hr. session)

Do you want to achieve or avoid pregnancy? Learn to manage your fertility, even with difficult and confusing cycles, such as irregular cycles or breastfeeding.

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