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Grade K

In Grade K, an understanding of human dignity as their special value as human persons is established in lessons through song, dance, and play.


Grade 1

HDC Grade 1 begins with establishing the definition of human dignity. Aside from distinguishing living beings from non-living beings, Grade 1 also explores the five main senses in depth through interactive exercises.


Grade 2

Grade 2 of the HDC strengthens the definition of human dignity by fleshing out the external senses and the powers that distinguish living beings from non-living beings.


Grade 3

HDC Grade 3 enhances the discussion on applying the power to choose and to think and grow in excellence. 


Grade 4

HDC Grade 4 features a deeper analysis of the nature of human dignity as students are introduced to its main characteristics of being universal, intrinsic, and inalienable.


Grade 5

Grade 5 students continue to build their understanding of human dignity and connect this to our shared mission: to respect their own and others’ dignity.


Grade 6

HDC Grade 6 guides students in integrating their newfound understanding of human dignity with their own experiences.


Grade 7

As students begin to develop more adult questions and capacities, HDC Grade 7 grounds its lessons on understanding that everyone has innate value and human dignity.


Grade 8

HDC Grade 8 reinforces students’ understanding of the universal, intrinsic, and inalienable nature of human dignity


Grade 9

Grade 9 begins with a discussion of human dignity, the singularity of human beings, and the hierarchy of being, which lays the foundation for the course.


Grade 10

In Grade 10, students have the opportunity to deepen their understanding and awareness of human dignity as the foundation for human rights.


Grade 11

In Grade 11, students learn that the promotion of universal, intrinsic, and inherent human dignity should be the foundation of every political community.


Grade 12

In Grade 12, students explore international human rights issues from the evaluative perspective of the universal, intrinsic, and inalienable characteristics of human dignity.

Dignity Curriculum For All Ages

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