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Become a FEMM Teacher

FEMM Teachers educate women and girls to understand ovulation as a sign of health. Starting from the physiology of the cycle, FEMM teachers help women to understand and manage their health and fertility.

    • Recognize normal and healthy at various stages of a woman’s reproductive life, from puberty to menopause.
    • Recognize abnormal cycles and symptoms and receive a referral to FEMM doctor for diagnosis and treatment
    • Affirm symptoms ranging from acne, irregular bleeding, PMS, and pain, as indicators of health abnormalities and support women to receive medical diagnosis and treatment as needed.
    • Fertility support to help women achieve or avoid pregnancy
    • Help women use the FEMM app to build a health record and receive personalized daily feedback about their health and goals


How can I become a FEMM Teacher?

  • FEMM offers online Teacher Training certification courses.
    – 10-week course instruction & online content, quizzes and support
    – Guided practice teaching for five clients
    – Full teaching materials provided following certification


What teenFEMM Teacher Certification?

(Prerequisite: FEMM Teacher Certification)

This course builds on the FEMM teacher content, and is tailored specifically to teens. teenFEMM focuses on the physical and emotional changes happening in teens, and encourages them to adopt a healthy lifestyle and relationship goals and behaviors. The teenFEMM course prioritizes health and wellness information for teens, and is one of our fastest growing and most popular courses.

What is in this course?

1. Your body – normal & healthy
2. Charting – recognizing signs of health
3. Puberty – understanding hormones
4. Beginning of life – hormones, choices & sexual health
5. Brain and hormones – brain development & emotions
6. Your health – daily decisions impact your health

teenFEMM provides girls with knowledge about their bodies and cycles, and support to navigate their health and well being during this critical phase of their life.

Course Details


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