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FEMM Teacher Certification FEMM Teacher Certification provides a comprehensive look at reproductive anatomy, charting, irregular cycles and using FEMM to prevent or achieve pregnancy so that our teachers can better teach, assist and advise other women about using FEMM.
Learn about:
  • Reproductive anatomy & the physiology of the ovulatory cycle
  • Basics of women’s cyclical hormonal activity and the critical link between hormones & health Vital signs of reproductive health and how to instruct women to observe and chart their hormonal biomarkers
  • Identification of fertility and infertility in the cycle and how to work with confusing cycles
  • Reproductive continuum & causes of cycle variations: what is normal and what needs to be corrected to restore health
  • Basics of common medical conditions and infertility: when to refer women to Medical Management
FEMM Teacher Certification Requirements:
  • Participate in 9-week online course (or 2-day in-person course, where applicable)
  • Online assignments: 8 quizzes familiarize teachers with FEMM Education science and pedagogy
  • Teach 5 clients and analyze 3 months of charting with support from the FEMM Education Team
  • FEMM Final Exam – online written exam, scheduled after completion of coursework, as teacher-in-training is ready
teenFEMM Teacher Certification Requirements: 
  • Complete FEMM Teacher certification (see above)
  • Participate in one 2.5-hour online session
FEMM Certification Options
  • FEMM & teenFEMM certification: $900
  • FEMM certification: $650
  • teenFEMM certification (available to certified FEMM Teachers): $350

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